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What is an investment advisor?

He is defined as a natural or legal person, who in a professional and regular manner, provides advice to any third party regarding investments, trade of currencies, precious metals or any other vehicles of private or public character, or therefore channels the orders received from their clients to intermediaries domestic or abroad.

Helvetia Advisors S.A. was granted authorization to operate as an Investment Advisor by the Uruguayan Central Bank on November 26th 2013, having registered as such under Section Investment Advisor Registry of the Securities Market.

Registro del Mercado de Valores
Normativa BCU - Asesores de Inversión
Código de Buenas Prácticas Helvetia Advisors S.A.


Supported by our academically and professionally qualified team, it is our mission to provide our clients with the most integral advisory services regarding investments, trade of currencies, precious metals or any other vehicles of private or public character.


In the exercise of our duties, we privilege:

  • To provide assessment in loyal and prudent manner
  • To be accountable for the protection of our clients´ interests and treat them justly, by acting with integrity
  • To act with professionalism, care and diligence, both within our organization and in relation to our clients and further stakeholders
  • To converge our acts to the principles of professional loyalty and ethic
  • To grant absolute priority to our clients´ interests, identifying and reducing to a minimum any conflicts of interest
  • Faced with such issues, no client shall be prioritized over the rest
  • To disclose to our clients any information required by legal norm and regulation
  • To refrain from the use of any privileged information
  • To monitor laws and decrees that rule the advisory activity, as well as any norms or rules dictated by the Uruguayan Central Bank, superintendence of financial services

Helvetia Advisors

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